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The University of Surrey is planning an exciting new medical school, which will produce a new type of skilled medical graduate, ready and able to meet the increasing needs of tomorrow’s patients. 

As modern medical treatments progress, people are living for longer and with multiple health and social care problems. Patient care has become specialized and fragmented, while the public increasingly wants to maintain health and wellbeing for as long as possible, at or near home. So our graduates need to understand not only what is possible today, but also be willing to think outside the box, and become leaders of change in the digital age. 

Therefore, in addition to the core medical education that all excellent, caring, confident and intellectually curious doctors need to know, we are adding in our unique academic and practical strengths in digital and communication health technology, and organisational leadership.

Our curriculum plan puts patients at the heart of all our learning and teaching activity. From day 1, our students will be learning about the ways technology can help patients - such as the use of wearable kit and monitors that provide data to help in early diagnosis of problems, keeping people well and often out of hospitals altogether. We will produce graduates who will be able to drive change and lead multi-disciplinary teams, organising the delivery of healthcare using Big Data and the latest technology. Clinical training in our local, nationally-renowned NHS will give our students a cultural mindset to see patients holistically and as individuals, and value their mental and physical health and wellbeing as much as the diagnosis and management of disease. 

We are sure it will be better for patients and our communities.

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