Published: 09 July 2013

Agility, technology and open platforms

Professor Alan Brown, the Faculty’s new Associate Dean for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, has been involved in a variety of high-profile projects in recent weeks that demonstrate his standing in the business community.


Professor Brown’s paper, Agility at Scale: Economic Governance, Measured Improvement, and Disciplined Delivery, was accepted for the International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE), the pre-eminent software engineering conference worldwide.

The paper, written with Walker Royce and Scott Ambler of IBM, was presented at the ICSE conference in San Francisco on May 22nd as part of the ‘Software Engineering in Practice’ track.

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Chief Technology Officers Council

Professor Brown also addressed the Chief Technology Officers Council meeting on May 20th at Intellect UK.

The Council was created to seek out new and disruptive technologies in the ICT sector and consider how they might impact upon members’ businesses. Each meeting centres around leaders in the technology field presenting to a broad audience of attendees from the telecoms, healthcare, IT and public sectors.

In Professor Brown’s presentation he addressed the challenges in realising the “open government” aspirations recently announced by IT leaders in the UK government. He explained how the UK’s Government Digital Strategy (GDS) will substantially accelerate delivery of digitally-delivered services to all UK citizens, and explored the profound impacts on the supply chain of software products and services.

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Computer Weekly

Finally, Professor Brown’s co-authored article, The Great Deverticalisation – part 5: Mind the GaaP, was published recently in Computer Weekly.

The article, written in conjunction with Mark Thompson of Cambridge Judge Business School and Jerry Fishenden of VoeTek, argues that “politicians and government have the opportunity, through the power of open platforms, to both take the lead in creating modern public services for the future and to play an instrumental role in improving the UK’s position in a competitive global economy.”

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