Published: 30 March 2017

The art and science of school management

A psychology graduate and her father have written an e-book that highlights the art and science of managing primary and secondary schools.

The book is aimed at students in management, education and other subjects planning a career in primary and secondary schools, at school personnel and members of the broader interested public.

Dr Anastasia Natasha Piperopoulou, who graduated with a BSc (1999) and MSc (2000), has been working at secondary schools with special educational needs teenagers for the last seven years, after running her private practice and lecturing schoolteachers at postgraduate level. Her father, Dr Georgios Piperopoulos, is an academic-practitioner in management who taught university courses and was a consultant for corporations and organisations on both sides of the Atlantic.

Managing Primary & Secondary Schools, A Primer has been published by and is available to download for free.

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