Published: 28 February 2014

Assessing the impact of tourism advertising

Dr Sangwon Park’s study into the impact of tourism advertising awarded second place in prestigious industry awards.

Thanks to state budget cuts in a number of countries around the world in recent years, destination marketing organisations (DMOs) are under greater pressure than ever to increase the impact of their advertising. But what criteria should be used to assess this impact?

Dr Sangwon Park, Lecturer in Hospitality and Food Management and programme leader for MSc International Hotel Management at the School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, was part of a research project into this very question. And the paper published as a result of that project, Assessing Advertising in A Hierarchical Decision Model, has been awarded second place in the IFITT Journal Paper of the Year 2014 awards.

The paper, written jointly with Professor Juan Luis Nicolau Gonzálbez and Professor Daniel Fesenmaier, proposes a three-stage model that evaluates advertising based on a range of travel factors beyond the destinations themselves.

As the study suggests that advertising significantly influences tourist decision-making, adopting such a model would allow DMOs to more effectively assess their advertising and manage their budgets.

The International Federation for IT and Travel & Tourism (IFITT) sponsors a series of awards, presented in January at the ENTER conference in Dublin. The Journal Paper of the Year Award is given to the most innovative and scientifically rigorous information technology and tourism-related papers published in an academic journal during the year.

The full paper can be found at Surrey Research Insight.

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