Published: 16 September 2016

Best Paper Award for Research Collaboration between Surrey CS and Mozilla

Two Surrey Computer Science and Surrey Centre for Cyber Security researchers received the Best Paper Award at the ISC 2016.

Dr Mark Manulis, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Computer Science and Deputy Director of the Surrey Centre for Cyber Security (SCCS), and his former PhD student Dr Franziskus Kiefer who is currently a Senior Security Engineer at Mozilla, received the Best Paper Award at the 19th International Conference on Information Security (ISC 2016) held from 7-9 September in Honolulu, HI, US for their paper "Blind Password Registration for Two-Server Password Authenticated Key Exchange and Secret Sharing Protocols".

The paper introduces new protocols for remote registration of client-chosen passwords in distributed server scenarios in a way that fully protects passwords from disclosure yet enables server-side checks of their policy compliance (incl. checks related to minimum password length, presence of different ASCII character types, etc).

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