Published: 26 July 2016

British Academy research grant on mobility and citizenship

Dr Maria Xenitidou has recently been awarded a small grant to explore "Mobility and citizenship in turbulent space and times: categories, affordances and prospects".

How does the recent movement of refugees and migrants into Europe interrogate notions of citizenship and belonging? What are the implications for membership and ‘integration regimes’ amongst locals, settled migrants and newcomers?

Drawing on the case of Greece as the main entry point for newcomers (migrants and refugees) into Europe, the project examines the negotiations of categories and ways in which both settled migrants and newcomers are constructed in official politics and by people ‘on the ground’, and discusses the implications of these constructions for the notion of citizenship, access to rights and integration prospects for the social groups involved.

This is because policies and laws provide the institutional framework for membership and integration but they are also matters of everyday social relations.

The analysis of lay and institutional discourses will draw on Critical Discursive Social Psychology as it focuses on regularities in discourse while describing also the form and consequences of collective and social patterning of background normative conceptions.

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