Published: 05 August 2015

BSA honours academic with I K Brunel Award Lecture

Dr Radu Sporea has been given the I K Brunel Award Lecture from the British Science Association (BSA) – following in the footsteps of successful names such as Brian Cox.

A RAEng Academic Research Fellow in Surrey’s Advanced Technology Institute (ATI), Dr Sporea has been invited to present his lecture – on ‘The Coming of Age of Plastic Electronics’ – at the prestigious British Science Festival, which takes place at the University of Bradford from 7th to 10th September.

The Isambard Kingdom Brunel (Engineering, technology and industry) lecture is one of seven awards in different spheres of science given by the British Science Association annually. The BSA Lectures are designed to reward promising early career scientists, promoting open and informed discussion on issues involving science, and actively encouraging scientists to explore the social aspects of their research. Past Award lecturers include such illustrious names as Brian Cox, Richard Wiseman and Maggie Aderin-Pocock.

Dr Sporea says, “I am honoured to be awarded this prestigious lecture. Judging by the success of previous recipients, it’s a great opportunity to inspire and inform people about the microscopic wonders of modern electronics.

During the talk, Dr Sporea will share the results of his own work and describe the challenges and benefits of creating truly flexible and printed electronics. He will also look at the short but fascinating history of electronics, touching on both the incredible technical insights it has uncovered and the strong personalities who have made these discoveries.

He adds, “There is a lot of mathematics and physics in electronics, and you’d think that this means the subject is dry, regimented and predictable. Hopefully, during this lecture I’ll show that it’s anything but.”

Dr Sporea will present his lecture on Wednesday 9th September from 2 to 3pm at the Norcroft Auditorium, University of Bradford.


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