Published: 27 November 2015

Business School key partner in animal health centre

Surrey Business School is an integral part of a unique initiative which combines animal health, digital innovation and business collaboration to establish the area as internationally-recognised for animal science.

The University and The Pirbright Institute, whose research aims to prevent virus diseases in livestock and virus transmission from animals to humans, have been awarded £1.2 million for a new project to enable scientific researchers and businesses to work together.

It is envisaged that the funding will enable local growth through new interactions between partners, industry leaders and small and medium-sized enterprises.  By linking small enterprises with large companies, economy of scale benefits could enable new ideas getting to market more quickly.

The Enterprise M3 Local Enterprise Partnership award initially comprises two elements. The first is a new centre at The Pirbright Institute to enable researchers, visiting scientists, academics and commercial partners to work together to develop projects and secure collaborations, support and funding.

The second element will be a Digital Innovation Centre for Animal Health, hosted by the University of Surrey’s School of Veterinary Medicine. The Centre will collaborate with the University’s 5G Innovation Centre and the Surrey Centre for the Digital Economy at Surrey Business School to promote new approaches to collection and use of data. It will also facilitate access to data generated by research for commercial organisations, partners and researchers.

Geoff French CBE, Chair of the Enterprise M3 Local Enterprise Board, said: “This is an exciting, collaborative project which will help researchers to work more effectively with businesses.

“The projects will help secure funding from the public and private sector – as well as creating jobs, encouraging innovation in the animal health field and driving economic growth in the area. We have fantastic research taking place and these projects will help establish the area as an internationally-recognised leader in this field.”

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