Published: 03 September 2014

Centre for Petroleum and Surface Chemistry welcomes new Professional Training students

Surrey’s BP-CPSC, which investigates chemical aspects of heavy and viscous crude oils, takes on four Professional Training placement students for 2014-15.

Surrey’s BP Centre for Petroleum and Surface Chemistry (BP-CPSC) is to take on four new Professional Training year students to further investigate the crude oil industry.

The successful placement participants will develop their problem-solving, team and chemical skills and learn about the industrial and professional environment in which they may eventually work.

“The entry process was very competitive, even for students from our own Department,” said Director of the BP-CPSC Professor Spencer Taylor.

“Even though the successful candidates are from Surrey, their placement is treated as an industrial institution, like any other. The participants will see as much of an industrial placement as most of their colleagues who spend their year away from the University. The placement students will, for example, have appraisals, give presentations and prepare internal reports, all in order to prepare themselves for future employment.

“I’m very pleased to welcome Amy Todd, Callum Curtis, Christy Chu and Rifat Shaikh to the Centre and look forward to working with them.”

By the end of the year, it’s expected that the students will have thoroughly tested and built up their knowledge of the crude oil industry and in particular the roles played by chemistry and chemical engineering.



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