Published: 19 April 2013

Championing small business success strategies

These are challenging times for many businesses, and for some small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) mere survival is often the main focus.

Despite this, however, some smaller businesses are thriving. Kingston Smith LLP, a top-20 chartered accountancy firm, last year commissioned the Surrey Business School to conduct a research study that aimed to identify the triggers that produce innovation and business success amongst these more successful SMEs.

The resulting report, ‘Success in Challenging Times’ was so acclaimed that the Surrey Business School recently held a free follow-up event on April 17th to discuss the research with alumni, stuff, students, and the wider public.

Professor David Gray and Professor Mark Saunders provided insights into the contributing factors that combine to make certain businesses succeed in the medium to long term, where so many fail. Attendees were able to ask questions of the researchers, as well as enjoy valuable networking opportunities. Professor Alan Brown also spoke at the event, sharing a new approach to making SME business plans more attractive to investors.

You can learn more about the report itself here. For more information on similar future events, please visit the Surrey Business School website.

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