Published: 30 November 2015

Childhood memories aid charity

Memories spanning three generations are at the heart of a book by alumna Elizabeth Williams, who graduated with an MSc in Applied Professional Studies in Education and Training 1999.

All of the royalties from 100 Years of Childhood are going to ChildLine, where Elizabeth has worked as a volunteer for more than 12 years. There are anecdotes by people from around the world and accounts of childhood from opposing sides in the Second World War. Extreme poverty features in other descriptions and in contrast, brighter tales full of laughter and joy.

The narrative starts with Nell who was born in Wales in 1900 and ends with snippets of vocabulary from the youngest contributors, some born towards the end of the last century and four in the new Millennium..

Elizabeth said: “Love of and from children is the greatest blessing.  There are many children throughout the world who have neither love nor blessings and that is why Childline is so important – it is there for children when they feel they have nowhere or no one else to turn to."

“I was truly loved and blessed as a child and doubly blessed as a mother and grandmother.  Some of these are accounts of my childhood, now in the last century.  Other stories are from my family, children and grandchildren.”

The book is available in paperback from Amazon, priced £5.55, or view Elizabeth’s Facebook page.

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