Published: 28 June 2016

China Law Centre Offered Training to Top Chinese Legislative Officers

More than 20 officers from the Legislative Affairs Commission (“LAC”), the legislative body of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress of the People’s Republic of China, visited the School of Law and the recently established Centre for Chinese Law and Social – Legal Studies on 24 June, 2016.

The purpose of the visit is to exchange ideas with the Law School staff on how the UK law deals with some of the similar pressing issues faced by the LAC.

Professor Vince Emery, the Senior Vice President of Global Strategy and Engagement, warmly welcomed the delegation on behalf of the University and expressed strong support to further China – UK dialogue and collaboration on rule of law.

Two leading public law experts from the School of Law, Mr Luke Mason and Dr Theodore Konstadinides, offered training sessions to the delegation on Pension Schemes in the UK and Legislation Evaluation in the UK respectively. Their excellent lectures triggered enormous interest and heated debate among the Chinese legislative officers. Both two- hour training sessions were extended to three- hour sessions under the delegation’s request.

Professor Ming Du, Professor of Chinese and Comparative law and the Director of the Centre for Chinese Law and Socio-Legal Studies, introduced the mission of the Centre to the delegation and invited the LAC to visit the School of Law again in the future.

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