Published: 20 August 2013

Technology in motion, motion in technology

University of Surrey hosts unique conference on movement-based art and computing at the frontiers of creative technology.

The University of Surrey recently hosted one of the most intriguing conferences of the year - Corporeal Computing:  A Performative Archaeology of Digital Gesture - on campus at the Ivy Arts Centre.

The theme of the conference was the computational understanding of human movement and creative applications in digital media industries (such as animation, digital performance and generative video). The theme brought together movement practitioners, computer scientists, digital-media artists, animators, dance/theatre practitioners and cultural theorists.

The event featured speakers from over 20 countries, as well as live performance and mixed media artwork, some of which had never been shown in the UK before. The programme included works by Paul Kaiser (After Ghostcatching, with Bill T Jones), 3o Corpo (Brazil) and Cia Proyecto Uno (Spain).

Keynote addresses came from:

  • Paul Kaiser (OpenEnded Group)
  • Mark Coniglio (Troika Ranch)
  • Tom Calvert (Credo Interactive)
  • Kirk Woolford (University of Sussex)

The conference was organised by Dr Nicolas Salazar Sutil from the School of Arts and Professor Paul Krause from the Department of Computing. It was co-sponsored by the Institute of Advanced Studies, the EPSRC-funded MILES Project (Models and Mathematics in Life and Social Sciences) and the School of Arts.