Published: 20 October 2016

Decisions, decisions

Business leaders are faced with dozens of decisions that need to be made every day, and, sometimes are called upon to make snap judgements.

Equipping current and future leaders with the skills and confidence to make tough decisions, especially ones that could affect the bottom line of the business or organisation, is at the heart of the new Centre for Leadership & Decision-Making, opened by Surrey Business School this month.

The Centre brings together people from a wide-range of academic and industry backgrounds to better understand the multiple forces that weigh on leaders and decision-makers. Its draws on expertise from both within Surrey Business School and the broader University including psychology, sociology, economics, politics, law, strategy, entrepreneurship, engineering and computer science. The development of these inter-disciplinary links help us to better address contemporary issues in leadership and decision-making.

Contributing to Surrey Business School’s mission to ‘accelerate innovative thinking into practice’, the Centre will produce outstanding research that is relevant and applicable to leaders of today and in the future, focusing on three key aspects:

• Relational leadership

• Leadership, health and well-being

• Decision-making processes

The Centre is directly associated with the Surrey MBA and the ongoing development of Leadership Executive Education programmes within Surrey Business School.

Professor Alexandra Gerbasi, Centre Director, said: “In today’s volatile environment, leaders and potential leaders need to be equipped with vital tools in order to face uncertainty and the myriad of decisions they will face. The Centre for Leadership & Decision-Making seeks to meet those needs by creating world-class research that is both relevant and impactful to leaders of today and the future.

“Through interactions between academics and practitioners we are addressing those needs and reaching out to our stakeholders across academia, industry, the broader public and the media to produce outstanding research that will create a positive and lasting impact.

“We are currently seeking partners to join us in our research and outreach activities and are available to meet with companies to discuss the challenges they may be facing, helping to develop solutions to improve business processes and leadership development.”

If you would like to discuss further how you and your organisation could benefit from the Centre’s expertise, please contact to find out more.

Listen to the first in a series of podcats from the new Centre: Episode 1 - Humour in the work place - with Professor Alex Gerbasi and Professor Andy Adcroft.

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