Published: 06 February 2014

Entrepreneurship and innovation: a new podcast series with Professor Alan Brown

For businesses large and small, an innovative and entrepreneurial approach is increasingly vital for achieving and sustaining success.

Recognising the importance of such entrepreneurship and innovation is all very well, but how does this translate in practical terms? How, for example, can businesses ensure that investment in innovation is successful? How do bright ideas turn into entrepreneurial action?

Professor Alan Brown, Associate Dean of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Surrey Business School, has tackled these issues – and many more besides – in a new podcast series, broadcast on YouTube.

Focusing on a range of topics around entrepreneurial and innovative practices, the short videos address contemporary issues in enterprise thinking and explore how investing in innovation results in business success. 

Episode 1 • 2014: The Year of the Entrepreneur

Episode 2 • Innovation Nation

Episode 3 • Corporate Innovation

Episode 4 • Business Model Canvas

Episode 5 • Learning How to Fail

Episode 6 • Tech Startup Explosion

Episode 7 • Government as a Platform

Episode 8 • Business in the Digital Economy

Episode 9 • Digital Transformation

Episode 10 • Innovator/Entrepreneur

Episode 11 • Open Innovation

Episode 12 • Innovation in the Marketplace

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