Published: 02 September 2013

Examining the extractive industries

Professor Gavin Hilson, Chair of Sustainability in Business at Surrey Business School, has been involved in a number of recent projects related to his expertise on the environmental and social impacts of small-scale mining in developing countries.

August 30th saw the launch of a new journal, The Extractive Industries and Society (Elsevier Science), for which Professor Hilson, its founder, will serve as the Editor-in-Chief. The journal is “devoted to disseminating in-depth analysis of the socio-economic and environmental impacts of mining and oil and gas production on societies, both past and present.”

Professor Hilson, who leads the School’s new MSc programme in Extractive Industries, the Environment and Sustainability, was also a speaker at the recent Africa Australia Research Forum and The Crawford Fund Conference 2013, the research forum held prior to Africa Down Under 2013, in Perth, Australia. The conference brought together a diverse audience drawn from industry, academia, government and civil society to explore research issues associated with the extractive industries in Africa.

While in Australia, Professor Hilson also spoke on ABC NewsRadio to urge aid agencies to help reduce poverty by providing more support for Africans to create their own small mines.

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