Published: 08 May 2013

GSA Dancers: Having A Ball with Jane Austen

BBC Two’s "Pride And Prejudice: Having A Ball" recreates a key element of the famous Jane Austen novel, and features the GSA Dancers from the University of Surrey.

The BBC has recreated the splendour, details and social intricacies of a Regency ball in Pride And Prejudice: Having A Ball, with the GSA Dancers from the University of Surrey playing the part of the guests.

The programme captures every element of a Regency ball, from the careful preparation of the food and clothes to the etiquette and manners expected of dancers in the ballroom. Social historian Amanda Vickery explores the fashions of the day and observes the dancers in rehearsal, revealing just how energetic the routines were.

With the help of the GSA Dancers and experts in literature, music, fashion and food, the programme reflects on the importance of the ball and its role in society. As young men and women embarked on the pursuit of a partner, the Regency ball was an arena where your every move could make or break your chances in the highly competitive marriage market.

Pride and Prejudice: Having A Ball, which honours the 200th anniversary of Jane Austen’s novel,  will be shown on BBC Two at 9:00pm on Friday 10th May 2013.

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