Published: 22 January 2014

Heading for Fame?

Psychology PhD student Sarah Campbell progresses to the regional final of FameLab UK.

Fame beckons for PhD candidate Sarah Campbell after she qualified for the regional final of FameLab, a global competition that gives aspiring popular scientists the chance to tell the world about their research and show off their skills as science communicators.

Sarah's work in the School of Psychology looks into music, emotion and interoception (sensitivity to stimuli originating inside the body). More specifically, she looks at whether music can be used to train interoception, and what benefits this can have.

"I believe communicating science to the public and increasing public engagement is really important," said Sarah, "particularly if the research is publicly funded. It is what makes research worthwhile and useful, and facilitates impact.

"I feel the way science is communicated by the media is often inaccurate and poorly done, so I believe it is important to do it differently, accurately and better.

"So far I have met some great people, learnt a lot both in terms of content and skills, and now understand a lot more about physics! I have also found it helpful to have to communicate my research concepts in a short amount of time without discipline-specific language, and really focus on the key points of my research concepts.

"I am also learning how to overcome nerves and be more confident!"

The FameLab UK Southeast Regional Final take place at the Heart + Soul bar in Guildford at 6.30pm on Thursday 23rd January 2014.

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