Published: 23 February 2016

Law lecture offers unique insight into the justice system

Lord Neuberger, President of the UK Supreme Court, discussed the challenges of sitting as a judge and the role of the Supreme Court at the inaugural annual lecture for the Sir James Fitzjames Stephen Centre for Criminal Law and Criminalisation.

The lecture – The Process of Judging – gave students a glimpse into the judging process, focusing particularly on Lord Neuberger’s extensive experience at the Court of Appeal, House of Lords, and Supreme Court. 

The speech covered the challenges inherent in the role of a judge, reflecting on how judges isolate their own personal views from influencing their approach to cases, and on the need to stay open-minded despite preliminary views on how a case should be decided.

During a question and answer session, Lord Neuberger addressed diverse topics including the constant need to avoid political interference, relationships between the judiciary, legal academics and the media, and the impact of new technology on adjudication at the UK Supreme Court.

The event finished with a drinks reception offering law students, legal professionals and academics the opportunity to discuss the lecture and develop their networks and connections across the legal profession.

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