Published: 29 May 2013

Major ESRC research award for School academics

The School of Hospitality and Tourism Management is delighted to announce the award of £250,000 in funding from the Economic and Social Research Council to investigate productivity in UK hotels.

The project, directed by Professor Allan Williams, Dr Sangwon Park, Professor Andrew Lockwood, and Emeritus Professor Peter Jones, analyses how migrant workers and flexible working practices affect labour productivity in hotels.

While analysis of the UK’s economic performance increasingly takes into account the services sector, hotels continue to be relatively neglected despite accounting for significant shares of UK jobs and output. At a time of prolonged economic crisis, this research will offer insights on productivity in a key sector, where both the employment of migrants and diverse forms of flexible working practices are prevalent.

The project enjoys support from industry, and a close working relationship with Eproductive, providing privileged access to anonymised data for around 80 hotels at hotel, departmental, and individual employee level, on a daily basis over a continuous six-year period that spans the 2008+ economic crisis.

The project’s impact will likely stretch beyond industry, with the potential to inform discussions about policies on immigration and industrial relations.

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