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My Surrey experience - Daniel Littman, BSc Business Management and Spanish

Daniel explains how his Professional Training placement year in Spain not only helped his language skills but also gave him valuable experience for his CV.

My three years at the University of Surrey so far have really opened my eyes to different aspects of the world. With such a culturally diverse group of students, you integrate with a variety of people - it has made me want to explore the world further.

The teaching here is excellent and has changed the way I think about and approach things. I had never studied Spanish before coming to Surrey but in the space of three years I can speak it fluently, which is a real credit to the dedication and passion of my tutors. And before coming here, I wasn't confident about talking to people, but now I'm able to stand in front of large groups of people and give presentations.

During my placement in my third year, I worked as the Marketing and Media Manager for the Hilton Buenavista Toldeo in Spain. I secured the job with help from my tutors, who arranged an interview with the company, helped me to write my CV in Spanish and offered me mock interviews so I could practise.

The best thing about my placement was the improvement in my Spanish, and it made me a much better business student too. Realistically, in the future, I won't be working for a UK company but a global company, so I now understand how international businesses function. I also now know that I want to work in the marketing industry when I graduate next year, so I have great experience for my CV.

If you want freedom in a comfortable, friendly, safe environment, with the opportunity to meet fantastic people and have the best time of your life, Surrey is the one for you.

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