Published: 21 October 2016

New Centre for Law and Philosophy to open

Alumni are invited to the launch of the Law School’s new Centre for Law and Philosophy in December with a keynote lecture by American jurist and lawyer Charles Fried.

The Harvard professor, who served as United States Solicitor General under President Ronald Reagan, will talk on ‘The Crooked Timber of (Judicial) Humanity’.

The event is on 8 December from 6pm at the University of Surrey. Alumni who would like to attend should register via our events page.

Professor Fried’s scholarly and teaching interests have been moved by the connection between normative theory and the concrete institutions of public and private law, and particular areas of interest include civil Rights and civil Liberties, constitutional law, employment Law and US Supreme Court.

The Centre for Law and Philosophy is founded on the idea that legal inquiry and philosophical theorising are mutually reinforcing pursuits. The two fields employ similar tools such as rigorous argument, close reading of texts, and careful attention to logic, and also examine similar questions: What is justice? What are our individual obligations and collective responsibilities? How do we create a fairer society? What principles should guide the use of state power?

Dr Marie Newhouse, the Centre’s director, said: “The Centre is committed to the idea that legal study is deepened when grounded in philosophical principles, and philosophy is of greater benefit to society when tethered to legal and practical issues.

“The Centre’s members consist of legal theorists, as well as lawyers with philosophical training and philosophers with interests in legal questions—all of whom are invested in promoting an interdisciplinary and collaborative approach to research at the intersection of law and philosophy.”

There are a number of events planned for the 2016-17 academic year – for more details please visit the Centre’s website.

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