Published: 01 September 2015

PhD student helps to light up London Bridge

Brett Fisher, an Electrical and Electronic Engineering PhD student, has worked with leading artist Tine Bech to create a stunning interactive light installation.

Combining new technology with RGB LED lighting, the playful installation – illuminating London Bridge City Pier against the backdrop of Tower Bridge and London Riverside – was on display throughout the London Bridge Arts Festival in August.

Called ‘I Believe in You’, the installation was located in one pagoda of the London Bridge City Pier and featured colours which changed as participants moved through the space. Visitors could also view and post photos of the colours using social media with the hashtag #colourbelieve.

The light installation was the brainchild of Dr Tine Bech, a world-renowned ‘urban play artist’ whose works explore the relationship between people, technology and space. Her artworks have been shown at major national and international venues including The V&A, The Science Museum and SIGGRAPH in Los Angeles.

Brett Fisher, a PhD student within Surrey’s Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, designed all electronics to Dr Bech’s specifications, developed the display, programmed the interactive element and installed the exhibit at London Bridge. The technical skills Brett has developed during his PhD in nanotechnology, such as writing algorithms, programming, research and development, have been key to the timely delivery of this short time-scale project.

“Realising Tine’s goal for this installation has been such a rewarding, exciting and valuable experience. She is a brilliant person to work for, very knowledgeable, with clear goals and good ideas for achieving them – which made the whole process enjoyable.

“To see people interact with, and enjoy, something that you have built is an indescribably rewarding feeling, and one that I wish to repeat in the future.”

The installation was featured on London Live News on 21 August 2015.


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