Published: 20 June 2016

Postgraduate study at Surrey

Students who studied both their undergraduate and postgraduate degrees at Surrey explain why they chose to stay on at Stag Hill, and the benefits of completing a Masters degree at a top ten UK university.

Find out why Sabina, Anna and Filip decided to come back to the University of Surrey and read more about the new postgraduate loan.

Sabina Amin

BSc Accounting and Financial Management and MSc Business Economics and Finance

Why did you return to study at Surrey?

I studied my undergraduate BSc Accounting and Financial Management at the University of Surrey and afterwards successfully secured a full-time job at a top leading American bank.

Although I loved the fast-paced, challenging environment around me, I was attracted to the postgraduate courses available at Surrey. I was keen to learn more about my industry and expand on the basics of what I had learnt on my undergraduate course. Having studied accounting alongside financial systems, I felt it was important to learn about the surrounding framework - the economy itself. Studying MSc Business Economics and Finance helped me enhance my knowledge and have a deeper understanding of specialist topics such as econometrics and human resource economics, something I didn't have the chance to study previously.

Did you consider other universities? 

As I currently live in London, my initial options for postgraduate education were at London universities. Having lived on campus for my undergraduate course, I originally wanted a short journey into university for a change - but the courses available at Surrey within the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences far outweigh the pros and cons of travelling in! Surrey's courses give you the option to mix a variety of different modules in order to learn as much as possible within a one or two-year year time period.

What’s the benefit of coming back to Surrey?

The friendly and helpful staff in all departments, from student admin support to lecturers, were hugely supportive during my previous time at Surrey. Knowing the area, University and facilities available made my postgraduate study easier and I’ve became more pro-active and motivated to do well.

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Filip Mandys

BSc Economics and Finance and MSc International Economics

Why did you return to study at Surrey? 

I was choosing between a number of very good universities that offer Masters degrees in Economics.

I really enjoyed my time here during my undergraduate course - the modules were interesting, the lecturers were enthusiastic and the environment was really nice, with friendly people. I didn't see a reason to go to another university. 

Did you consider other universities? 

Several universities had accepted me for postgraduate study - Warwick, Edinburgh and Cass Business School, to name a couple. However, in the end, there was always something that made me not choose them. Surrey simply has a nice combination of things that I appreciate and enjoy. 

What’s the benefit of coming back to Surrey? 

It’s nice that you already know your way around, you know the town, where to relax, where and how to play your favourite sports. You don't have to get used to everything again, and you know how the University and the department works, along with many of the lecturers and what they expect from you.

This may give you the advantage to aim for a higher grade than you may achieve if you change universities and possibly even countries. 

Many of my friends also stayed at Surrey for Masters or returned from placement for their final year, so there were both new, interesting people, as well as familiar old faces - a very nice combination in my opinion. 

Anna Lucia Pungs

Chemical and Process Engineering and Biomedical Engineering  

In my final year, I had the option to apply for a Masters and as I had great experiences here, I chose to stay.

Read Anna's full student profile. 

Postgraduate degrees at Surrey

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New postgraduate loan

For students starting certain postgraduate Masters programmes in 2016/17 (on or after the 1 August 2016), the UK government will provide a non-means tested loan of up to £10,000 per student. 

Find out more.

How to apply

Visit our postgraduate applicants’ pages for details about staying at Surrey for your Masters.

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