Published: 13 October 2016

Prof Yaochu Jin received funding from Honda Research Institute Europe

The Honda Research Institute Europe GmbH has recently signed an agreement with the University of Surrey to fund a full PhD studentship for a duration of three years with a total amount of over €160k.

The studentship will support Prof Yaochu Jin, Head of the Department of Computer Science's NICE (Nature-Inspired Computing and Engineering) research group, to fund a PhD student under his supervision who will work on a research project on preference learning for high-dimensional multi-objective decision-making. This is the second PhD studentship fully funded by the Honda Research Institute Europe

The Department of Computer Science has established a close research collaboration with the Honda Research Institute Europe. Last year, Dr Markus Olhofer, a Chief Scientist at Honda, was appointed as a Visiting Professor by the Department. It is expected that a wider range of research collaboration opportunities will be explored in the area of evolutionary optimisation and evolutionary robotics.

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