Published: 20 October 2015

Promoting success in a digital economy

In this fast-paced digital world, one thing is clear for organisations – the most successful will be those that embrace change and create business models that can adapt quickly to the challenges and opportunities in a new agile environment.

At Surrey, experts in the area are working closely with industry to encourage experimentation and collaboration and maximise learning. Our new Business Insights Lab brings academic research together with business to put the latest ideas into practice.

Whether testing products, markets, supply chains, business models, partnerships, company structures, or a myriad other variables, businesses are constantly running hundreds of experiments. In a digitally connected world, these testing cycles are getting ever shorter and feedback is received ever faster.

Amid all these experiments, businesses often fail to find the time and resources to look forward and consider how changing markets and technologies could impact them, both now and in the future.

The new Lab combines insightful academic thinking with practical application, testing the hypotheses that drive real business experiments.

Not only is our research focused on real-world problems, we also place student enterprise at the heart of our School, which means companies can engage with students, academics and practitioners to test new ideas and get rapid feedback.

All this means your company can engage with students, academics and practitioners to test new ideas and get rapid feedback, We facilitate ideation sessions and ‘hackathons’, connecting leading thinkers, students and customers with your business to explore specific issues or experiment with new solutions  If you would like us to set up an ideation session for you, please contact Abi Bradbeer on or on 01483 68 8621.

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