Published: 15 August 2016

Sally Pritchett, Something Big

Co owner, Something Big (Marketing and Communications).

What is your connection with the University of Surrey/ Surrey Business School?

We’re very proud to have the University of Surrey on our doorstep, it brings a prestige to the county as well as a plethora of exciting innovation and insight. We work closely with the university and Business School in a number of areas; from helping support the marketing team with design creative and comms support, to working with the Business School to support the next generation of business owners. A particular passion of mine is to encourage more female business leadership in the next generation, so it’s been great to get the Business School's involvement in Business Women in Surrey activities.

What made you set up Something Big?

Like most business owners the easiest route was to run a business that I was passionate about and had experience in. Having worked with many agencies – as a client – I knew exactly what frustrated me about them, so I joined forced with a friend and local designer to run an agency how a client would want to it to be; creative, strategic and responsive.

How do you find running your own company within Surrey?

Surrey is a thriving place for businesses, we have several national and global clients based minutes away from us making it really easy to grow our business. There’s also a healthy business support community in Surrey, with organisations like the Surrey Chambers and the Woking Economic Development Team who are on hand to connect us with the people we need.

What advice would you give someone thinking about setting up their own marketing company?

Running your own business is a thrilling and immensely fulfilling journey. Very similar to having a family, the business is not something you can pick up and put down when you feel like it. Once you’re a business owner the responsibility of wearing many different hats is constant, even if you’re taking a rare day off. You can always employ people to help you run the business, but you’ll only ever be able to delegate not abdicate your responsibilities. The counter of course to that, just like have children is the pride you can take in building something from scratch and doing things the way you want to do them. For me, running the business has given me the perfect blend of autonomy that’s enabled me to have a great family life whilst also being able to thrive on the constant challenges running a business brings.  

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