Published: 16 June 2016

SBS Announces New Advisory Board

On 16 June SBS appointed a new Advisory Board, a key to steering and building on success to achieve the SBS vision of excellence

Over the past three years, SBS has achieved great and growing, success in teaching and learning, research, business connections and social impact. We have now appointed an Advisory Board to help us sustain this progress and achieve our even higher ambitions for the future.

The Advisory Board comprises of distinguished leaders from private, public, third sector and higher education. Industries represented range from technology, engineering, banking to retail and many more.

Members will act as global ambassadors and contribute tangible benefits for business and the regional and national economies by shaping the next generation of leaders.

With the help of the Advisory Board, SBS will streamline its research, taught programmes and executive education in line with the current needs across sectors, to globally lead through innovation and technology.

Chairing the Board will be Professor Brian Allison, who has served on the Halifax Building Society’s London Board, been a member of the Economic and Social Research Council and has worked as a visiting Professor to the University of Surrey since 1976. The Board will guide the efforts of SBS in making a sustainable impact in business, society and business education.


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