Published: 19 December 2013

Sim Suite welcomes innovative new training mannequins

Surrey Health and Social Care students now benefit from even better patient simulation facilities, thanks to a £55,000 donation from the Ted Adams Trust.

The new mannequins, which have been named Ted and Adam, offer a wide range of lifelike simulations, including blinking eyes with pupils that react to light, a pulse, various heart and lung sounds and the ability to cry and bleed, to give students valuable practical experience before they head out into practice.

The mannequins’ software means that they can be programmed to reproduce a number of illnesses for students to identify, and they can even talk about their symptoms.

All health and social care undergraduate students at Surrey spend time in the Sim Suite. The facility, which includes a hospital ward, operating theatre, intensive care unit, maternity suite and a mock home, first opened in 2010 and features a wide range of equipment such as interactive CPD training mannequins.

Dr Kathy Curtis, Acting Head of Professional Programmes, said: “The scenarios we can create can very real and severe. Before, it was impossible for a student to recreate the symptoms of being seriously ill to her fellow trainee nurses during an exercise, but now we can programme Ted and Adam to exhibit severe emphysema, for example, with realistic wheezing sounds.

“Working with the mannequins allows students to hone their skills and improves fast decision-making.”

In addition to funding the £54,760 mannequins, the Ted Adams Trust — a Guildford-based charity for nurses studying in the town — also makes annual awards to the best final-year undergraduate nursing students.

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