Published: 08 September 2014

Supervet at Surrey’s Vet School Open Days

Vet students of the future met Professor Noel Fitzpatrick and discovered how to become a super vet at Surrey’s School of Veterinary Medicine Open Days.

During the Open Days, Professor Noel Fitzpatrick, a founding partner of Surrey’s new School of Veterinary Medicine and star of the Channel 4 programme The Supervet, gave two inspiring talks about his passion for veterinary medicine, his veterinary heroes, and how he developed some of his pioneering techniques, including an ice cream scoop saw for cutting through bone and a method for growing skin onto metal to create permanent prosthetic limbs.

Professor Fitzpatrick said: “What does it mean to be a supervet? It could be holding an owner’s hand while her cat is put to sleep, it could be saying a kind word to someone - it’s looking after the animals of the world.

“As a vet, you sign up to do your best for the animal kingdom. You need to want to help animals and understand that death and life are in your hands. You’re part of the only profession in the world that has that responsibility, and it’s one that should not be taken lightly. My job is to teach you the hands-on clinical skills that matter to the species that you choose to work with, whether you’re working with Mary’s dog or Johnny's horse.

“If you come here, we will encourage you to use rational, evidence-based medicine to learn, and embrace a new paradiagm of veterinary medicine that could change the world forever. We’re not just here to give you an education, but give you a purpose.”

As well as inspiring talks from a range of Vet School partners, the Open Days featured an interactive School of Veterinary Medicine exhibition where students could learn more about our new Veterinary Medicine and Science degree and speak to our friendly academics and faculty staff.

The exhibition included a clinical skills zone where students could practise bandaging and suturing (stitching). Students could also explore the pathology lab and watch Jersey cow foot trimming demonstrations.

Learn more about our new School of Veterinary Medicine and our degree in Veterinary Medicine and Science

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