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Surrey’s Department of Computing to oversee international signal processing conference

Winning bid to run the 2019 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP) is a major achievement for the University and wider research community.

From left to right: Dr Saeid Sanei, Ms Shirin Enshaeifar, Dr Clive Cheong Took and Professor Anthony TS Ho

A successful proposal led by the University of Surrey’s Dr Saeid Sanei means that Surrey’s Department of Computing will run the 44th ICASSP conference at Brighton in 2019 (together with the University of Southampton’s School of Electronics and Computer Science).

ICASSP is one of the largest IEEE signal processing international conferences in the world, attracting around 3000 participants each year. Other countries that competed for the bid include Brazil and Singapore.

Dr Sanei will chair the event, and Professor Lajos Hanzo from the University of Southampton will act as General Co-Chair. Head of Surrey’s Department of Computing Professor Anthony TS Ho, and lecturer Dr Clive Cheong-Took, will take up the roles of Local and Financial Chair.

The 44th ICASSP organising committee include members from a number of other top universities in the UK such as Imperial College London and also from RIKEN Brain Institute, Japan, and Stony Brook in the USA.

Professor Ho said, “This is a very prestigious win for the Department of Computing, Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences and the UK signal processing society as a whole. ICASSP was last hosted in the UK 30 years ago – so this is quite an achievement and accolade for the UK research community. Knowing that we will host this conference in 2019 is an exciting challenge and shows how we are enhancing the University’s international profile, particularly in the areas of advanced signal processing, multimedia security and forensics."

Dr Saeid Sanei, who will be the General Chair for ICASSP 2019, concluded, “This achievement is the result of our two years of hard work, contribution to the IEEE signal processing community, collaboration with national and international institutions, and our visibility worldwide. This success will certainly enhance the UK signal processing activity profile and forge closer links between Surrey and other UK universities pioneering the field.”

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