Published: 10 October 2017

Surrey app adds up to success

A start-up company developed by three Surrey Business School students was named as one of the top 10 such ventures at the 2017 Dublin Tech Summit, which brings together international leaders in innovation, technology and business to shape the future of global trends.

Supported by funds from the University through the SETsquared Partnerships, Serik Nurasyl, Volodymyr Fedoriv and Vjaceslav Horbac presented their app, Felix Math, to a professional jury. The new app can take a photograph of any mathematical problem and generate an instant result, along with an explanation of the theory behind the problem. Felix Math takes advantage of recent advances in cloud computing, artificial intelligence and computer vision to provide a service useful to students, researchers, and more.

The SETsquared Partnership, which was named the best high-tech start-up incubator in the world by global incubator specialist UBI Global in 2015, invests in high technology start-ups, especially those from Surrey students.

The app was of such high quality, it was selected by the Dublin Tech Summit board initially as one of the top 100 start-ups.

The team said: “We then gradually progressed into the top 50 and finally top 10. Although we didn’t make the cut into the top three, it was still a great achievement and proof that Surrey Business School is a great place to nurture the next batch of world-class entrepreneurs.

“Thank you so much to Surrey Business School for the opportunity to be there. It was really amazing. We believe that we found new horizons to look up to and hope to disrupt the educational market very soon!”

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