Published: 13 June 2013

Surrey Business School academic leading the conversation

An article by Dr Alf Crossman, Senior Lecturer in Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management at Surrey Business School, has been featured on The Conversation, a new independent source of online news written by the academic and research community.

The piece, Labour, the unions and the breaking of the British working class, focuses on whether Labour leader Ed Miliband can articulate a vision to voters that portrays the party as fiscally responsible while holding the interests of the working class at its core. The feature was introduced as a ‘foundation essay’ – a longer article that takes “a wider look at key issues affecting society”.

Regularly approached by the press to comment on issues surrounding human resource management and industrial relations, the article is one of many contributions by Dr Crossman to debates of national importance.

The article is another demonstration of Surrey Business School academics contributing to – and often leading – discussions that impact upon the wider world. Increasing this impact is one of the reasons the University of Surrey has signed up as a founding partner to The Conversation in the UK.

The site aims to provide better understanding of current affairs and complex issues and offers a way for academics to become more involved in public debate.

Launched in Australia in March 2011, The Conversation has grown to become Australia’s largest independent news and commentary site. Surrey academics wishing to contribute to The Conversation should contact Mike Findlay in the University’s media team on