Published: 23 January 2015

Surrey launches innovative new 'mask' training for student nurses

Nursing degree students at the University of Surrey will be among the first in the UK to benefit from a new method of teaching where staff wear full costumes and silicon face masks to become patients.

The method, known as Mask-Ed, was developed at CQ University in Australia and has been shown to improve students' theoretical knowledge, practical skills and confidence.

The costumes include a full face mask as well as false hands, torsos and feet to transform the wearer into a realistic 'patient'.

Dr Maria Miklaucich, Adult Care Tutor, said: "The tutors will draw on their professional experience to represent a patient as a real-life character with a personality, a health condition and record as well as a life history, family members and extended family.

"By creating a real-life learning experience, students have the opportunity to use and practise their skills, such as communication, caring and practical skills.

“A further benefit is that, when in practice, students reflect on how they managed a particular scenario in the simulated environment, recalling and using their experience, knowledge and skills with greater insight and from an informed perspective."

Following a pilot last year, the School of Health Sciences is hoping to roll out the training for 500 Nursing, MidwiferyParamedic Practice and Operating Department Practice students in March this year.

Mask-Ed will be used alongside other teaching methods and equipment in our state-of-the-art Simulation Suite.

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