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Surrey signs agreement with novel fuel supplier Quadrise

The University’s Centre for Petroleum and Surface Chemistry (CPSC) will host globally leading research into MSAR (a low cost alternative to heavy fuel oil) following a collaboration agreement between Surrey and Quadrise.

Under the agreement, Quadrise Fuels International – an emerging supplier of MSAR to the shipping, oil, refining and power generation markets – will conduct research and development programmes in the CPSC under the supervision of Professor Spencer Taylor of the Department of Chemistry.

Emulsion-based fuels (known as MSAR) have the potential to replace a significant proportion of the conventional fuel oil market (representing 450 million tonnes per annum) in the marine, power and industrial sectors. This could offer both cost savings and environmental benefits: when burned, MSAR leads to fewer nitrogen oxide and particulate (or ‘black soot’) emissions, the latter indicating improved efficiency of energy conversion. However due to the physical and chemical properties of MSAR products (which are based on heavy residual oils dispersed in water), it is crucial that the stability and viscosity of the emulsions are optimised.

The only company worldwide working towards supplying MSAR fuels on a commercial basis, Quadrise approached the University of Surrey because of its unique capabilities in the field of petroleum and surface chemistry. The research will draw on world class facilities within the CPSC and the knowledge and experience of Professor Taylor, a global expert on surfactant and emulsion technology with over 20 years’ experience in the petroleum industry with BP.

Related to the collaboration, Quadrise is relocating its primary emulsion fuels research base from Sweden to the UK and expanding the Quadrise Research Facility (QRF) based in Essex.

Executive Chairman of Quadrise Fuels International, Ian Williams, said, “The agreement with the University of Surrey, together with the relocation of primary research and the extension of QRF, results in the consolidation, expansion and strengthening of all our R&D activities to better serve the anticipated future needs of the company. We are delighted to be working with Professor Taylor and his team, and to have established the framework for a long-term relationship with the University.”

Head of the Department of Chemistry, Professor Dulcie Mulholland, said, “The University of Surrey and the Department of Chemistry are delighted to establish a relationship with Quadrise. Professor Taylor of our Centre for Petroleum and Surface Chemistry is a leading researcher in this field. We look forward to a long, productive relationship with the company.”


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