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Surrey’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering welcomes overseas visiting student

Visiting undergraduate student Vikas Julius Ganesh will spend the next four months on his final-year project at Surrey, as part of a ‘Semester Abroad Programme’ (SAP) he is taking from his home university in India.

Vikas will study the effects of air pollution under the supervision of Surrey’s senior lecturer, Dr Prashant Kumar, who is collaborating with North Carolina State University’s Professor Christopher Frey on a project entitled ‘Comparison of Air Pollution in Transportation Environments’ (CAPTEN).

The main objective of the project is to develop robust and broadly applicable methods for measurement and modelling of human exposure to air pollution in transport modes, focusing on pollutants widely recognised as posing the greatest threats to human health.

The work is funded by the UGPN (University Grant Partnership Network).

“I am currently pursuing my undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering (Hons) at Saveetha University in India,” Vikas explained. “After completing the project I’ll then submit my report/thesis to Saveetha University, and then want to pursue a Masters – hopefully at Surrey.”

The news follows Dr Kumar’s recent Education Mission in India, visiting several universities including Saveetha University.



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