Published: 16 October 2015

The taste of success for the Garden Society

Tom Pinnegar talks about the Campus Garden Society, which has benefited from Annual Fund donations.

"One of the things I missed when I started at Surrey was being able to garden.

"My first year was very intense as I got to grips with my Aerospace Engineering Masters degree (especially the mathematical side) so when I saw there was a Garden Society the idea of doing something less abstract than stress calculations appealed!

"I’ve been interested in gardening and growing my own stuff for the past five years, so it’s great to be able to do it at Uni as well as at home.

"The Campus Garden Society was set up in 2014, and from our patch on the Stag Hill campus we grow a wide variety of vegetables and fruit.

"Since getting initial funding from generous donations, the Society has really taken off, becoming the fastest growing society in the Students’ Union with almost 400 members in the last Freshers Fayre.

"Our harvests are already producing salad and herbs which are being used in Lakeside Restaurant and we have been selling produce at University market days to reinvest in the society.

"One of the real highlights has been getting a grant to buy some beehives, with the aim of selling honey in the future.

"Being able to get experience running a business and selling produce from the garden is another thing we all find really useful about being part of the Garden Society.

"The hives also play an important role in the local ecosystem by pollinating the garden and improving our productivity.

"I would like to say a huge thank you to Annual Fund donors for making this project a reality."

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