Published: 14 April 2014

Team-building with TourAid

The University of Surrey hosts a second visit from children’s charity TourAid.

Following a successful visit last year, Surrey has again played host to a group of girls from TourAid, a charity that brings disadvantaged children on rugby tours to the UK to foster links with schools, clubs and organisations in this country.

Surrey Business School (SBS) has an ongoing relationship with TourAid after sending a group of MBA students to Rwanda on behalf of the organisation to help develop a strategy for a project last year.

In this most recent visit, Surrey MBA students mentored over 150 girls during the day, developing their communication, listening and engagement skills as part of an action learning exercise for management development.

The visit itself consisted of the girls doing a team-building business simulation, exploring how a business is run and how profits can be recycled towards useful resources. The goal was to show that business could be fun and that profits should be used for investment in a business’ future.

After their trip to SBS, the group moved on to Surrey Sports Park, where they enjoyed a netball day run by the Netball Development Trust, Surrey Storm and Harlequins.

With over 60 rugby tours to its name, TourAid is committed to transforming the lives of disadvantaged children throughout the world.

As a consequence of participating in the TourAidexperience, significant economic and educational benefits result for the children and the wider community. The girls return as ambassadors and role models, full of confidence and self-esteem, leaving behind a deeper understanding of the struggles they face every day.

For more information, visit the TourAid website or explore the Surrey MBA.

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