Published: 18 February 2020

Top jobs with a computer science degree

Find out what you could do with a degree in computer science and discover some of the jobs Surrey computer science graduates have secured over the past few years.

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Computer science skills form the basis of careers in many dynamic and exciting sectors, such as technology, business, finance, health and the games industry. Our computer science programmes are designed to prepare you to work at the cutting edge of computer science and its applications, and our graduates can take many routes into rewarding careers.

We aim to produce highly employable graduates who will be capable of filling the current technology skills-gap in the industry.

"I started off as a complete beginner, but now I have learnt to code and create apps. My degree-based knowledge has enabled me to teach programming to primary school children and I have also secured a place on an IT graduate scheme with Net-A-Porter."

Irina Tsyganok, BSc Computing and Information Technology

Careers with a computer science degree

Employers are increasingly seeking people with a broad range of skills that encompass management and leadership, as well as technical ability. Our programmes produce graduates with this well-rounded skillset of strong academic knowledge and Professional Training.

Jobs directly related to a computer science degree include:

  • Cyber security analyst
  • Data analyst
  • Software engineer
  • Systems analysts
  • UX designer
  • Web developer.


However, a degree in computer science will also enable you to gain skills that would be highly relevant in other, more unexpected roles. These include:

  • Digital copywriter
  • Network engineer
  • PPC specialist
  • Supply chain manager
  • Telecommunications researcher
  • Web content manager.

Computer science graduate jobs

In recent years, our computer science graduates have secured roles including:

  • Software Engineer, Xceptor
  • Computer Programmer, Stanhope-Seta
  • Technology Associate, Morgan Stanley
  • Forensic Data Analyst, PwC
  • Technical Architecture Consultant, Accenture UK Ltd
  • Analyst Programmer, Avco Systems Ltd
  • Software Developer, ID Business Solution
  • Testing & Continuous Delivery Architecture, Vodafone.

"During my placement I was offered jobs with Microsoft in both the UK and US, and I’m now looking forward to joining Microsoft’s UK-based Paint 3D team in a full-time role when I graduate."

 – Holly Boothroyd, BSc Computing and Information Technology

"My degree enabled me to gain business acumen and technical expertise that armed me with the skills needed for a successful career. My career highlight so far has been travelling around Amsterdam, Austria, Munich and Prague – all in my first year!"

Asif Jafferali, BSc Computing and Information Technology

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