Published: 23 May 2013

Transforming the quality of life for dementia patients and carers

The University of Surrey has joined more than 480 organisations in the Dementia Action Alliance (DAA).

Dementia is a major issue in the UK. It can have a devastating impact on the lives of the 800,000 people affected and those who care for them, and costs around £23 billion a year to treat.

 By becoming a member of the Dementia Action Alliance (DAA), the University has created an action plan which includes developing Health and Social Care programmes to better reflect the needs of dementia patients and their families, and researching practical ways of working with people with dementia. It has also signed up to the National Dementia Declaration.

 Nurse Tutor – Dementia Wendy Grosvenor, from Surrey’s School of Health and Social Care, said: “The DAA has a diverse membership and will provide us with excellent networking opportunities both locally and nationally so we can share best practice to improve patient care.

“Our aim is to ensure that the courses we deliver are responsive to the ever-changing climate of dementia care, and enable all of our students to help people with dementia to live well.

“We also want to use our research strengths to continue to support people with dementia in living comfortably at home for as long as possible.”

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