Published: 27 March 2013

University of Surrey backs Kent, Surrey and Sussex Academic Health Science Network bid

A new organisation that aims to improve the health of people in the south east by promoting greater collaboration between the NHS, academic institutions and industry is under development, and the University of Surrey is playing a key role.

The proposed AHSN will, subject to an authorisation process which is expected to conclude in April 2013, lead local NHS work on innovation and its role in supporting the delivery of high quality cost-effective health care, and enable faster adoption and spread of proven best practice. Increasing participation in health-related research will be a key priority.

The  goal is to improve the quality and consistency of care across the across the KSS area, which has a population of around 4.3 million, and harness the combined potential of academia, industry and the NHS to create wealth through research and innovation.

England will be covered by around 15 networks by the end of 2013.

Professor Tom Quinn, Associate Dean for Health and Medical Strategy and member of the Kent, Surrey and Sussex AHSN Transition Board said: “The development of the proposed AHSN has already brought real benefits to the University and our NHS and industry partners across the region through closer working, improved understanding and collaboration in a range of priority areas for patients in particular. I’m looking forward to learning the outcome of the authorisation process, following which work will begin in earnest on working with our partners across Kent, Surrey and Sussex to achieve our common aims of improving patient care and wealth creation.”

To find out more, read the KSS AHSN prospectus and KSS ASHN introduction brochure.

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