Published: 01 April 2019

A week in the life of an Electronic Engineering student

Jacob Rawson is one of around 100 first year engineering students around the UK to be awarded a Diamond Jubilee Scholarship by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET). Below he describes a typical week as a student on Surrey’s MEng Electronic Engineering.

Jacob Rawson

Jacob describes his typical week as a Surrey student.


9am - Lecture for the laboratory part of my professional studies module

10am - Lecture on Engineering Science

12pm - Professional studies lecture to help us write reports and become better at giving presentations

1pm - Lunch with people from my course

2pm - Back to my flat to make longer notes on the morning’s lectures

6pm - Quick tea, then three hours of orchestra practice


10am - Lecture on Engineering Science followed by Electronic Circuit Design

12am - Hour long tutorial with my personal tutor

1.30pm - Lab preparation for my labs on Thursday and Friday

6pm - Hang out with my flatmates


9am – Two-hour maths lecture on the basics and fundamentals we will need for our entire degree course

11.30am - Back to my flat to work through all the maths questions from the lecture and have lunch

3pm - Go over to Surrey Sports Park and climb at the wall with the Mountaineering Society

5pm - Look through lecture notes for Thursday and Friday

8pm - Go out to a social with the Ski Society


9am – Lecture for Electronic Circuit Design

11.30am – Back to a friend’s flat for lunch and to check through our laboratory preparations

2pm – Laboratory session applying what we’ve learnt in lectures

6pm – Arrive back at my flat and have tea

8pm – Catch up on some TV with a couple of my flatmates


10am – Mathematics lecture

12pm – Lunch at a friend’s

2pm – Lab session

6pm – Quick tea back at my flat

8pm – Go into town with some flat mates and course mates


10am – Finally manage a lie-in!

10.30am – Have breakfast and do some washing

12pm – Go swimming at Surrey Sports Park

2pm – Read over my lecture notes for the upcoming Monday and Tuesday

8pm - Go out to a friend’s flat  


12pm – Weekly shop at Tesco followed by a coffee

1pm – Go into town shopping for a couple of hours

4pm – Prepare some meals for the next week and then skype home

6pm – Early tea and night in watching a film


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