Published: 11 March 2016

Women as vectors of social entrepreneurship

Dr Albert Kimbu shares his findings on the British Academy blog.

Last year, School of Hospitality and Tourism Management lecturer Dr Albert Kimbu and Dr Michael Ngoasong of the Open University Business School completed a research project entitled Women as Vectors of Social Entrepreneurship in Tourism, funded by the British Academy. The research set out to investigate the nature, motivations and extent to which women owner-managers of small tourism firms (STFs) in Hospitality & Tourism use their STFs as platforms for engaging in social entrepreneurship, leading to societal transformation, economic and community development in Cameroon.

Through questionnaires, focus group discussions and in-depth interviews with representative stakeholders, their research provided evidence of how women integrate social transformational and commercial goals in their business strategies.

Dr Kimbu has shared some of their conclusions on the British Academy blog.

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