Published: 28 June 2017

World-renowned philanthropist appointed as a Pro-Chancellor

We’re delighted to announce the appointment of biotech entrepreneur, internationally-renowned philanthropist and University alumnus Dato Dr Kim Tan as a Pro-Chancellor.

Dr Tan, the first Malaysian to hold the position at the University, has lived in Guildford for 35 years, having completed his undergraduate, postgraduate and post-doctoral studies in biochemistry at Surrey.

Until recently Dr Tan has been a University Council member, and has been an enthusiastic and dedicated ambassador for the University, both in advice and guidance for Surrey Business School and has been a regular speaker at student recruitment events Singapore and Malaysia. He and his wife Sally have also given substantial support to students at the University, in particular helping graduates and their families settle in through their work with Friends International.

Dr Tan now wants to use his new role at Surrey to continue to focus on the diversity within the University and help with the vision of making it internationally-renowned for its teaching and research.

Dr Jim Glover, Chair of Council, said:

“I’m delighted that Dato Kim has accepted a role as one of our esteemed Pro-Chancellors, which recognises his long association with the University.

“Dato Kim’s work throughout his life has been incredibly powerful in transforming people’s lives in developing countries, and we are humbled that he will continue to help us with our vision of improving people’s lives through our teaching and our research around the world.”

Dr Tan said:

“This is a great honour, and I’m very grateful for this further opportunity to serve the University. I will endeavour to do my best in this new role, and I want to continue to help the University develop on the international front and become better known in Asia for its strengths.

“Having Professor Max Lu on board as the Vice Chancellor has been fantastic for the University, as it has really helped raise the profile. I’m very honoured to continue to be an ambassador for the University, particularly in Asia and Africa, where I spend a lot of time.

 “We already have a great number of international students, and equality and diversity is far better, but we should also aspire to do more.”

Dr Tan is Chairman of SpringHill Management, a private fund management company specialising in biotech and social venture capital investments. As co-founder of the Transformational Business Network (TBN), a UK charity with over 70 social transformational businesses in developing countries, he drives change by supporting projects that create jobs, empower the poor and transform communities.

He is the founder of the Kuzuko Game Reserve in South Africa, a 40,000-acre conservation and social transformation project set up to stimulate economic activities in an area of high unemployment. The project has been a tremendous benefit to the economic, social and environmental sectors in the country and champions how business can be a powerful force for good in deprived areas.

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