Published: 16 June 2016

Your support makes a world of difference

The support of our generous donors has a transformative effect on Surrey students. Your donation will provide a lifeline to students in severe financial hardship who have nowhere else to turn, and make sure we can deliver the best student experience in world class facilities.

The last year has been spectacular for Surrey - thanks to the backing of our generous supporters.

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Your support makes a world of difference
Make your gift today and join over 3,000 donors supporting the University of Surrey – make your gift:


Supporting Students: Student Hardship Grants

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£75,000 to give students facing severe and unexpected financial difficulty a lifeline in their hour of need

“The University prides itself on being open to all those who have the talent and determination to succeed. Your support makes sure that students in financial hardship can continue their studies and graduate successfully.”
Craig Lowe, Director of Student Support Services


Innovation & Technology: Amphitheatre under the Stars

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An innovative outreach project for astrophysics aiming to educate and encourage stargazing

“This grant will enable us to create an exciting new multipurpose space that will inspire students, schoolchildren and the general public for years to come.”
Professor Justin Read, Department of Astrophysics

Entrepreneurship: Beekeeping with the Campus Garden Society

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Boosting student enterprise with honeybees

“The hives will provide us with another avenue in funding (in the form of local honey) and give members valuable experience of running a small business.”
Charles Gray, CVSSP (Elec Eng) MPhil, USSU Campus Garden Society Treasurer

Sports: USSU Boat Club

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A new Coxless Four rowing boat for the Students’ Union Boat Club

“The support of donors has been integral for our development as a high performance rowing team.”
Doug Maltby, BSc Nutrition and Dietetics, USSU Boat Club President

Make your gift and help us reach out target to raise £200,000 by 31 July 2016:

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