External studentships and scholarships

External organisations offer studentships distinct from those available from the University of Surrey.

Studentships from research councils

Full details of the studentships offered by the research councils are given in their handbooks, which you can obtain by contacting them directly or on their respective websites:

Support from educational trusts and charities

Limited financial assistance may also be available from educational trusts and charities. Find out more.

Other sources of financial support 

The following publications provide information on other sources of financial support available: 

  • The Grants Register, published by Macmillan Press
  • Directory of Grant-Making Trusts, published by the Charities Aid Foundation
  • Educational Grants Directory, Directory of Social Change, published by The British Council Education Information Service
  • Guide to the Major Grant Making Trusts: Directory of Social Change, published by The British Council Education Information Service
  • The Awards Almanac, published by Longman
  • Postgraduate Study and Research, published by the Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services (AGCAS)
  • Cumberland Lodge Scholarships
  • SEPnet PhD Scholarships: PhD Grand Challenges 2018