RNA Isolation

Please see our recommendations on RNA isolation.

Total RNA isolation with RNeasy Protect Bacteria Kit

Total RNA isolation by Total Nucleic Acid precipitation and DNase digestion

Total RNA isolation by Tissue lyser

Target Labelling, Purification and Array Hybridisation

Target labelling, purification and hybridisation protocol (Last updated October 2005 - changes from last version are highlighted in blue)

Note: For pre-hybridisation of the slides, hybridisation of the labelled targets on the probes and post-hybridisation washes we recommend the use of Pronto! Universal Microarray Hybridisation kit (Corning, Cat.# 40026) as described in the above protocol.

Lucidea Universal ScoreCard

PCR-array layouts SCp36 (and greater) and Oligo-array layouts include calibration, ratio, utility and negative control spots from the Lucidea Universal ScoreCard kit (GE Healthcare, formerly Amersham Biosciences) for optional use.

Some external sources of protocols:

Pat Brown's protocols


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