CRNME Current Activity

The Centre team collaborate on a number of research projects across the University:

A selection of our Centre based current projects are listed below:

Children Of Parents with Enduring mental illness (COPE)
Collaboration between:
Anki Odelius (Surrey), Helen Cowie (Surrey), Jo Moran-Ellis (Surrey), Helen Allan (Middlesex University) & Dr Brenda Gladstone, Research Scientist, The Hospital for Sick Children and Adjunct Lecturer, Faculty of Nursing, University of Toronto, Professor Malmo Hogskola, Halsa och samhalle, 205 06 Malmo, Sweden and Professor Gillian Bendelow, School of Law, Politics and Sociology, Friston, 256, University of Sussex,
Funded by the SHI Foundation Research Grant Development Award
Timescale: 1st March 2013 to 31st July 2013
Funding: 5, 000 GBP
For further information contact Professor Jill Shawe (01483 68 4635)


Can Ballet help us age better? (Interdisciplinary Mini Sabbatical)
1st February 2013 - 14 June 2013
Collaborators: Khim Horton (Health and Social Care), Jennifer Jackson (Arts), Aliah Shaheen (Mechanical Engineering Sciences)
There is a recent move towards the employment of dance techniques to improve the interaction of older people with their environments and reduce risks of injury. Ballet is believed to improve spatial awareness, posture, movement coordination and proprioception; and could be used to inform rehabilitation of older people. However, it is not yet known whether the skills gained from ballet training translate when performing functional activities of daily living, and the effects of ageing on movement and stability parameters are also not well understood. The study aims to understand the effect of ballet dance and ageing on movement and stability.


An investigation into the effects of academic award on registered nurses' ability to recontextualise knowledge to allow them to deliver, organise and supervise care (AaRK)

A collaborative research project to understand how (poor) communication by nurses and midwives contributes to complaints and to explore the role of clinical leadership in promoting effective communication for nurses and midwives in responding to informal complaints (RESPONSE)

A comparison of living conditions and health status of older people aged 80 and over and the roles and relationships with the family (UK and Brazilian perspectives)
Yeda Aparecida de Oliveira Duarte (University of Sao Paulo) and Khim Hortom (Surrey)
Funder:  FAPESP

Walking in cluttered environments
Khim Horton
Funder: IMPACT
June 2013 to November 2013

Pregnancy after Diabetes Obesity Surgery (PADOS)
Jill Shawe (HSC), Martin Whyte (FHMS / NHS), Kathryn Hart (FHMS) & Debbie Cooke – HSC and NHS Collaborators - Bariatric Centres London. June 2013: 12 months: Phase 1 of project – pump priming fund

To receive further project information please contact Dr Jill Shawe, Director of CRNME.

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