Primary Care CAG

Sponsorship: Surrey Health Partners

The Primary Care CAG builds on the success of the Guildford and Waverley CCG and University of Surrey Primary Care Research Forum. The scope of the CAG is to improve patient care through accelerated learning underpinned by relevant research:

  • To make research ‘Core business’ for the NHS primary care in Surrey
  • To help meet the challenges of the health and social care landscape – particularly the demographic timebomb

What the CAG will run:

  • Regular quarterly meetings
  • Sub groups/grant focussed groups
  • Networking and identifying collaborators for bids
  • Linking with other CAGs
  • Encourage citizen involvement

Key research areas will be:

  • Integrated care - This theme will focus on service delivery and include improved self-management support, and patient access to their records and services using IT
  • Better use of community resources e.g exercise to improve health and reduce requirements for medication
  • Improved anticipatory care:
    1. Risk scores e.g. risk of falling
    2. Better antimicrobial stewardship and uptake of vaccination
  • Understanding the impact of psychological ill health on:
    1. Quality of life
    2. Health
    3. Health service utilisation
  • Co-morbidities - Many people have a complex group of conditions and therapies. These often interact. Diseases can’t be treated in silos. E.g. Anaemia in people with chronic kidney disease
  • Health Informatics - using data, information, and knowledge to improve health, health care and its delivery across the NHS and other health and social care providers
  • Ambulatory Care Specialties - Care delivered in an out-patient setting as well as preventive measures such as screening, and helping patients to manage factors which could put them at risk of ill health


Susan Tresman, NHS Guildford and Waverley CCG
Simon de Lusignan, University of Surrey



Appendix 1: Successful presentation for the Clinical Academic Group

CAG Appendix 1 (455.68KB - Requires Adobe Reader) A ppendix 2: Expression of interest form to Surrey Health Partners (SHP) CAG Appendix 2 (194.97KB - Requires Adobe Reader) A ppendix 3: ToR for the GWCCG Clinical Research Forum CAG Appendix 3 (182.65KB - Requires Adobe Reader)


Surrey Research Methods Course 2016

How to contact research and evaluation projects in Health Care Services 

Venue:                  University of Surrey        
Dates:                   Monday 19th September to Friday 23rd September 2016
Prices:                   Academic/NHS/Surrey Health Partners member: £350
Commercial:         £600

Book your place online.
Price includes all lunches, break time teas and coffees. University accommodation, at extra cost, is available dependent on availability.

Who is this for?

  • Clinicians, managers and researchers who want to conduct health services research or quality improvement studies
  • Health Care Professionals and Clinical Scientists in primary or secondary care
  • Researchers: PhD, potential PhD students or researchers using routine health data
  • Leaders and managers of health care organisations wanting to improve their use of health data
  • Public health trainees and specialists
  • Data analysts: In health care providers or commissioners - Social sciences and social care students wishing to work with health data

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Describe health systems and care pathways, including the type and source of routinely collected data recorded.
  • Conduct a literature review and critically appraise evidenced data generated from qualitative and quantitative research
  • Analyse routine data and conduct basic statistical tests
  • Gain practical skills in the R-studio statistical package
  • Use interviews and focus groups to understand why a treatment has (or has not) worked –
  • Use thematic analysis of a transcript
  • Design a study, using routine data to compare two interventions/treatments

The course is hosted by the Surrey Health Partners Primary Care Clinical Academic Group and taught by University of Surrey academics who are experts in the field of health services research:

  • Professor Simon de Lusignan - Professor of Primary Care and Clinical Informatics at the University of Surrey; Medical Director of the RCGP Research and Surveillance centre; practicing GP
  • Dr John Williams - Senior Clinical Research fellow at the University of Surrey; previously Clinical Informatics adviser to HSCIC; retired GP
  • Dr Tom Chan – Senior Research Fellow at the University of Surrey

For more information please contact Melissa Pickering -

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