FEPS Intention to Bid

The purpose of this form is to enable greater visibility of planned bidding activity so that the Faculty and Departments can ensure any necessary support is in place for you.

Further guidance on the FEPS intention to bid and peer review process is available via our SharePoint site.

There is now a University-wide process for requesting a formal institutional letter of support. Please refer to the guidance and template on SharePoint.

Queries on the process should be sent to fepspeerreview@surrey.ac.uk.

The Head’s responsibility is to make an initial decision on proceeding with the bid and the level of review needed based on the value and feasibility of the bid.

Bid details
1. Is the University of Surrey the lead applicant?
12. Is this a standard call without a deadline?
15. Does the project align with University/Departmental strategy?
16. Does the bid require an institutional letter of support?
17. Please tick if the project aligns with one (or both) of the University’s new cross-faculty themes
18. Does the project provide other benefits, such as stepping stones for new collaborations? Provide details below.
19. Do you require financial or in-kind support from the University or the department? If YES, provide details below;
20. Do you and/or your collaborative team have a sufficient track record for this bid?
21. Does your project clearly align with the remit of the funder / the funding call?
22. Do you have time to produce a high-quality bid AND manage the project, if awarded?
IT, equipment and infrastructure
27. Does your project require IT facilities beyond normal desktop computing?
Rod Russell, FEPS IT Manager - rod.russell@surrey.ac.uk
28. Do you envisage needing more than 500GB of IT storage for this project?
29. Does your project have any associated equipment, space or facilities requirements?
Gary Strudwick (g.strudwick@surrey.ac.uk) and/or Marco Holness (m.holness@surrey.ac.uk).
Peer review

Peer review is required for Proposals where Surrey is the lead (or only) institution and the call is not subject to a University level selection process. Formal peer review or a review panel are required if any of these apply.

30. Please tick as appropriate:
If none of these apply, do you think you would still benefit from a formal review or review panel for other reasons?

Please note the final decision on the level of peer review required rests with your Head of Department/Centre. Please see SharePoint for guidance on formal peer review, review panels and a list of the FEPS peer review college. Alternatively, e-mail fepspeerreview@surrey.ac.uk if you have any specific queries.

Please see SharePoint for guidance on formal peer review, review panels and a list of the FEPS peer review college. Alternatively, e-mail fepspeerreview@surrey.ac.uk if you have any specific queries.

Privacy notice

Data submitted via this form will be handled in line with our research privacy notice.

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